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Investment Enablement

Investment Enablement

Investment opportunities are available in all sectors of the economy across all counties with strategic sectors being Agriculture (leather, dairy, tea,  and textile and edible oil), building and construction materials, Digital superhighway & creative economy, healthcare housing, and settlement. The government has given a lot of emphasis on the value chain approach for better investment returns.

1. Invest in our Export Processing Zones. 

The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) program is managed by the Export Processing Zones Authority (EPZA). It was created to promote export-oriented industrial investment within designated zones.
The following are a range of attractive fiscal, physical, and procedural incentives the EPZ program offers.

  • 10-year Corporate Tax Holiday
  • 10-year Withholding Tax Holiday
  • 100% investment deduction on new investment
  • Perpetual exemption from payment of stamp duty on legal instruments
  • Perpetual exemption from VAT and customs import duty on inputs
  • Operation under essentially one license issued by EPZA
  • Rapid Project approval and licensing
  • No Exchange Controls – liberalized foreign exchange regime
  • Onsite customs documentation and inspection by Customs Staff
  • Unrestricted investment by foreigners
  • One-Stop-Shop service for facilitation and aftercare
  • Quality infrastructure for lease. Read more here...


2. Invest in our Special Economic Zones

To enjoy the various incentives provided for SEZ Investors under the respective laws. There are Public and Private SEZs already established where investors can invest in. Read more here...

3. Invest in Bankable Investment Opportunities under KenInvest

The Kenya Investment Authority is a government agency under the State Department for investment mandated to promote and facilitate investment in Kenya of both domestic and international investors. Keninvest has done a lot on the above functions including bankable projects in various sectors. In order to get more information on investment, Read more...

4. Co-Invest with Kenya Development Corporation (KDC)

Kenya Development Corporation Ltd is a newly established Development Finance Institution that aims to support sustainable socio-economic development in Kenya and beyond by providing development finance, infrastructure finance, business support, and advisory services to medium and large-scale industries, infrastructure projects, and commercial undertakings in targeted sectors. In order to promote growth and development by investing in various sectors to create jobs, increase productivity, and enhance economic opportunities for individuals and communities. Read more here...

5. County Aggregation and Industrial Parks (CAIPs)

The Government is establishing these parks in all 47 counties with aggregation centers and value-addition sections aimed at achieving the following;

  • Prevent post-harvest losses at the grassroots by receiving and storing all harvests.
  • Get higher and more predictable earnings for farmers by selling their products domestically in other counties and export markets in warehouses outside the country.
  • Value addition in the light manufacturing sections to boost earnings.Read more here...