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Investment Attraction

Investment Attraction

Kenya is Strategically Located as a Regional Financial, Communication, and Transportation Hub; it has a well-developed Social and Physical Infrastructure and a fully liberalized economy. It has preferential market access within the region, European Union (EU), USA, and Asia that will generally create a market for locally produced goods for both local and international markets. The government emphasizes increasing Foreign Direct Investments by providing an environment that attracts investors which includes; financial incentives, friendly economic policies; commitment to lowering the cost of doing business, Raw materials and labor, improved technology, political stability (that is, political stability of the country and political stability of neighboring country).

Attraction through conducive Business Environment

Kenya has the strongest industrial base in the East Africa region and has been successful in attracting major exporters and investors, with many companies establishing local and regional operations to take advantage of Kenya's strategic location, diversified economy, entrepreneurial workforce, comprehensive air routes among other factors. The government has continuously put efforts to develop enabling regulatory and administrative framework for supporting both new and existing investors.

Attraction through Bankable investment products

Kenya is a land of unlimited possibilities and its strong growth prospects are supported by an emerging middle class and an increasing appetite for high-value good and services. Sectors to invest in Kenya include; Health care, Education, Energy, Financial Services, information, Communication, Technology, Agriculture and agro-processing, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Real Estate and Construction and Tourism.

Investment attraction through aggressive marketing

The government has been marketing the country as a leading investment destination around the world by disseminating vital investment information about the country in order to entice prospective investors. These have been made possible through the organization of road shows in various countries by Kenyan missions overseas in order to attract investors in various   sectors. In addition, there has been a drive to encourage local investors to boost theirinvestment through a favourable investment climate for both domestic and foreign investors.