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Investment Facilitation

Investment Facilitation

The government has put in place policies and actions that seek to make it easier for investors to establish and expand their operations, as well as to conduct their day-to-day business in the country. These Measures focus on the alleviation of ground-level obstacles to investment, by introducing transparency and improving the availability of information, and making administrative procedures more effective and efficient. In addition, much support has been given to Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) that include Keninvest, EPZA, SEZA, and KDC which are intended to improve the business climate and support promotion efforts.
In an endeavor to facilitate investment, the government has put a mechanism to:-
i. Encourage investor-relevant investment policies, rules, and processes to be accessible and transparent.
ii. Improve the consistency and predictability of how investment policies are applied.
iii. Boost the effectiveness of administrative processes for investments.
iv. Create positive stakeholder relationships for the implementation of investment policies.
v. Support lead organization, focal point, or investment facilitator with responsibility for resolving investor-related issues.
vi. Create procedures for investment facilitation monitoring and review.
vii. Boost international cooperation for easier investment.
viii. Support technical assistance provided to partners in developing the country’s effort to strengthen investment facilitation.
ix. Capacity development of the implementers to continuously improve investment policies and actively attract foreign investment.
x. Strengthen international cooperation for the promotion of investment for development, particularly through clauses in international investment agreements, to complement investment facilitation.

Facilitation through One start, One stop shop@ Keninvest
The key objective of the One Stop Centre at Keninvest is to ensure efficient and effective facilitation of the implementation of new investment proposals and cost effective operations of existing investments and businesses.
The One Stop Shop is domiciled at KenInvest with the Key government departments that offer various services for investors and hence streamlining administrative procedures.
The services offered include:
i. Business Registration Service – Offers advice and facilitates investors to register their companies and businesses;
ii. Department of Immigration – Offers advice and facilitates investors to obtain necessary permits and passes;
iii. Kenya Revenue Authority – Offers advice to investors on matters relating to taxation
iv. National Environmental Management Authority – Offers advice and licences on environmental impact assessment and management issues;
v. Kenya Power – Assists investors in power connections;
vi. County Government – Advice on issues business permit licenses and any other approvals required by the county government; and
vii. Export Processing Zones Authority – Advice to investors on the export processing zones scheme, licenses and facilitates investors within the zones.

Facilitation through SDIP as 1st port of call
In order to enhance both domestic direct investments and foreign direct investments so as to improve the business and investment environment, as
prioritized in the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) 2022-2027, the government established the State Department for Investments Promotion through Executive Order No. 1 of 2023.
Functions of the State Department include:
i. Development and Implementation of Investment policy and strategy;
ii. Promote, both locally and internationally, the opportunities for investment in Kenya;
iii. Promotion and Oversight of the Development of Special Economic Zones, Export Processing Zones and Industrial Parks;
iv. Coordinating the transformation of the ecosystem supporting private sector development;
v. Development of a business reform agenda across the entirety of Government;
vi. Championing automation and re-engineering Government business and services processes;
vii. Driving legislative and regulatory reform on the ease of doing business and business transformation;
viii. Coordination of engagements with the private sector/business community in respect to business climate and business transformation;
ix. Monitoring the implementation of business climate reforms as recommended by key international partners, notably:
o The World Bank;
o The World Economic Forum;
o The Global Investment Forum; and
o The international bodies and indices and,
x. Creating public awareness of reforms in the business climate and ease of doing business.

Facilitation through National Investment Council as 2nd port of call
The National investment Council is the organ that advises the Government and government agencies on ways to increase investment and economic growth in Kenya; as well as promote cooperation between the public and private sectors in the formulation and implementation of government policies relating to the economy and investment.