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Business Consultancy


Consultancy Services

Business consultancy

Business consultancy is done in the following areas

  • Business Plan Development and implementation
  • Enterprise growth and development (Strategic planning for enterprise growth)
  • Product development
  • Market development
  • Business development Surveys
  • Performance management
  • Any other business-related area as requested by the client


How to access consultancy services

KAIZEN Consultancy

Kaizen is a Japanese business philosophy that focuses on gradually improving productivity and making a work environment more efficient using Japanese Management Excellence.Kaizen translates to change for the better or continuous improvement.The Kaizen methodology underscores that small changes now can have big future impacts.

Selection criteria for an Enterprise

  • Commitment of top enterprise executives (expectation, cooperation and motivation)
  • Accept to attend classroom training on the three management fields(Quality and Productivity Improvement,Marketing and Sales,Financial Management) for Middle and Senior Level Enterprise Managers
  • Accept the implementation of on-site consultancy in all the three management fields in the Enterprise
  • Allocation of staff in charge of implementing the On-Site Consultancy activities.
  • Cooperation in the provision of necessary management data (We assure confidentiality) for consultancy activities
  • Cooperation in sharing the results in the seminar
  • Permission to take photos and videos during the On-Site Consultancy for Management Improvement Report Audit
  • Availing meeting space
  • Cooperation of managers and employees on implementation of on-site consultancy activities

Other Business Consultancy Services are accessible by contacting the Head Office on need basis.