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Business Counselling & Extension


Business Counselling & Extension

Below are some of the activities involved in this service:-

i. Entrepreneurship motivational talks

  • Online
  • Through the media
  • Advertised calendar events
  • Organized on request by clients/groups

iii. Follow-up of past trainees

This is a post training business care offered to those that have already been trained in any of our programs. Business guidance and advisory is given during the follow-up sessions

The service is offered through. 

  • Phone
  • Onsite
  • Online

To enroll, one must have been trained before.

ii. Business Forums for MSMEs

Conducted annually in every KIBT office/region. This is a forum where business community are brought together with relevant /key stakeholders. It is a forum for networking, sharing of success stories, face to face discussion with the government stakeholders and sharing of new information in the MSME sector.

iv. Coaching and mentorship

iv. Coaching and mentorship

Business mentorship and coaching is offered to both groups and individuals. The mentorship and coaching areas are marketing, Business plan development and implementation, business growth and any other area as per the clients’ needs.

  • Group Mentorship and coaching

A group is assigned a mentor who walks with them in the business journey for a period of six months. During the six months, six monthly sessions are conducted

  • Individual mentorship and coaching

    MSMEs can also be mentored individually and will have to be attending the mentorship meetings/sessions at the KIBT offices

  • Requirements for the mentees
    • Fill application form in the link provided
    • Committed to attend all mentorship sessions
    • Responds to all communications in timely manner
    • Take initiative to propose and agree with the mentor on the time for the meetings